Best Simpson Pressure Washers Compared & Tested

Simpson pressure washers are very strong and best powerful machines, well known for reliable operation and powerful results. The best simpson pressure washers are up to 50 times more powerful and more efficient than a garden hose. In addition to that, you will be able to save about 20% of your water usage from the same cleaning activity. This is why pressure washers are increasingly becoming a household necessity. However, there are many different types and brands of pressure washers making it quite difficult to choose the right machine / brand /unit. To make matters easier for you, we have reviewed arguably the best gas pressure washer available – suitable for domestic household purposes and even trades / contractor applications. Here are top 3 Simpson pressure washers in review, they’re also the best selling Simpson power washer models on the market. To summarise – SIMPSON are the best pressure washers for residential / home use – i.e. The Megashot. Further to that they are also an excellent choice for contractors requiring heavier duty applications

simpson cleaning pressure washer

#1 – BEST Simpson Gas Pressure Washer Review (Top Pick)

Simpson MEGASHOT Pressure Washer – MSH3125-S GCV190 Engine. This residential 3200 psi gas pressure washer is so good its used by contractors and professional power cleaning companies as well….

This is the BEST gas residential model from the Simpson brand of pressure washers and is actually the most popular too. It was especially designed for home use, and is ideal for those looking for optimum performance at a reasonable price. 3100psi and 2.5GPM means that this unit blows away the electric pressure washer range, and is far superior. It is easy to use and perfect for cleaning outdoor furniture, house siding, patio, cleaning decks, and preparing home exteriors for painting. It is small enough and compact to be easily transported by one person. This Simpson model is also built with a premium HONDA OHC engine, designed for excellent performance in high intensity cleanings with a 0.91 liter fuel tank (~2hours of power washing). The simpson megashot pressure washer reviews are nothing but positive, referencing ease of use, reliability of performance, quality of components, minimal maintenance and above all powerful performance. If you want a rejuvenated driveway or roof, easy cleaned outdoor areas and more… then you cant go past this high quality power washer..

#2 – Simpson PS4240-S PowerShot Pressure Washer

For when you need industrial strength pressure to blast clean your roof, pavement, strip paint, driveway… lets face it – pretty much anything! This unit is as good as it gets if you need power or if you want the best of the best..

simpson powershotThis model is designed for contractors and professionals and its suitable for graffiti removal, paint preparation, wood restoration and other deep cleaning jobs but its also suitable for residential purposes if you want the best. The PS4240-S Simpson powerwasher model is made with GX390 commercial series of Honda engine that starts easily and is very reliable with a 3.1 liter fuel tank (4-5 hours of power washing). It produces an amazing 4,000 PSI at a 4 GPM – many call it the ‘biggest and the best…’ with a quality triplex pump. For the size and power of the machine its noise level is lower than other gas pressure washing units, but this is also reduced with the addition of a 50-foot braided steel hose that keeps the noise and fumes far away. With its ‘quick connector’ system, setting up the washer and replacing nozzles and hoses becomes easier and faster. This unit weighs about 150 pounds but is very portable with good wheels and a sturdy frame, the 13-inch premium pneumatic tyres ensure that the machine is easily moved around.

#3 – Simpson Gas Pressure Washer (PS3228-S GX200 Engine)

Built to meet the intense cleaning demands of professionals, the Simpson PS3228 pressure washer is very powerful, yet easy to transport and very compact. It is ideal for home owners and contractors who specialize in deck cleaning and other professional cleaning services where high pressure is required. Its highly rated AAA triplex pumps are designed with patent pending ‘powerboost’ technology which provides higher pressure at the nozzle, leading to better cleaning performance. Its features include the famous Honda GX200 OHV commercial series engine that delivers high output and runs easily with a 3.1 liter fuel tank (4-5 hours of power washing). It is also designed with pneumatic tires, solid steel axle, steel engine plate, and welded steel frame for easy manoeuvrability and extreme durability. If you are looking for a sophisticated pressure washer that delivers optimum performance and can stand the test of time, the PS3228 simpson pressure waser with gas engine is the right choice for you.

#4. Simpson Cleaning 95000 – Best Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washer

It’s flawlessly well-matched for mobile detailers, contract cleaners, resorts, and municipalities. The trailer pressure washer is DOT certified as an over-the-road cleaning solution. With this system, you can set-up your job site very quickly.

You need to pull up the machine to the job area, link the spray gun with the pressure washer then start the engine and begin cleaning. It comes with a commercial hot water pressure washer series of Honda engine GX200. This machine also features oil alert and It can generate the pressure of 3200 PSI as well as 2.8 GPM of water supply.

With this machine, a self-contained quite transparent polyethylene 100-gallon water container adjusted. It has water level indicators which are easy to read.

Conclusion – Simpson Washer Reviews

If you are looking for a machine that will stand the test of time and will not compromise quality of performance, we recommend the three best selling models above. Over time, they have been tested and trusted to deliver based on trusted top pressure cleaner reviews. Simpson are trusted by Dewalt and Briggs and Stratton to supply their units to be re-badged as premium power washers, they’re an excellent choice for those who want a high performing pressure washer that will last.

Best Simpson Pressure Washer Engines and Pumps

Simpson pressure washers are trusted by Dewalt and re-branded for sale. The engines in these units are rock solid and the powerhouse of the machine itself, they are guaranteed under warranty and will stand the test of time. The Honda engines are also commonly used on water pumps, gensets, lawn mowers and other household items so they have a long history of efficiency when running, ease of user for the consumer and long lasting performance. Pulling the cord on these units is not difficult to get it started and the primer and revolution control are very user friendly. For the simpson power washers – different pumps in the 3 units above require different engines due to the torque requirements when producing a range of psi, they are equally well engineered and manufactured with unrivalled service support, technical literature and local know how. Pumps will last as well as the engines but like anything they require maintenance and certain operating conditions to ensure that they last. Never run a pump out of water, let it get too hot, or take it apart and re-assemble it if you aren’t sure what you are doing. All that being said they’re an excellent choice.

Differences Between an Electric and the Best Gas Pressure Washers

The biggest difference between an electric pressure washer such as a Karcher and a gas pressure washer like a Simpson Megashot is the engine used in gas pressure washers. The engine provides additional torque and hence the pumps and psi output of gas power washers is superior to electric pressure cleaners. The range of pressure you are likely to see from an electric unit is up to about 2000PSI whereas a gas unit can range from 2000PSI up to 4000PSI plus, we don’t recommend anything over 4000PSI for home use, high pressure can be dangerous and in most cleaning applications is not required.

When it comes to portability of a pressure washer the gas units win out because they dont require a power cord, hence they are more flexible in that sense but water will still need to be supplied from a hose or portable water tank which negates some of this benefit. The gas units are typically heavier and more rugged in design and this can be of detriment if you are doing small jobs such as cleaning the care or washing down cob webs, for that reason its important to think abotu what you are going to use the pressure cleaner for to select the right model. The gas simpson pressure washers listed above are some of the best that money can buy and are considered suitable for home use or commercial use.

Safety Advice for Power Washing Around your Home – High Pressure Gas Pressure Washers…

When it comes to safety there is nothing more important than your health and well being, when doing any job its important to take the time to plan it out and ensure you have mitigation steps in place so that you don’t get hurt or hurt others. There are many schools of thought when it comes to safety on how to reduce risk and minimise harm, in general engineering out a risk or not doing the task at all are very safe, if these options are not acceptable then procedures, PPE and ensuring the method for the job are optimised are a good starting point. Some basic pressure washing safety tips are as follows:

  • Wear steel cap boots
  • Never point the lance at someone else
  • Use safety glasses where large spatter is expected
  • Plan out the working area so that hoses and cords don’t get in the way
  • Never touch a hot engine or open its cooling fluid reservoir when hot
  • Check petrol levels prior to starting the unit
  • Double check all high pressure hose to ensure no leaks
  • Test you start/stop triggers
  • Wear protective clothing when doing large jobs
  • If you are washing for a long period of time wear gloves for comfort
  • Read your user instruction manual on the dB rating of your pressure washer, We recommend you always use ear muffs, and as a less effective option ear plugs
  • Let someone know before you start the job and have medical supplies available nearby

These are just some of the many safety tips recommended when pressure washing, we wish you all the best in your endeavours and hope that this guide is of use.

Water pressure and What to Expect When Using a Simpson Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson power washers are high powered units – 3000PSI plus is very high pressure and capable of damaging surfaces if not treated with respect. Whenever pressure washing a surface, first start at a larger distance then get closer once you are certain that you need to for the application. 3000 psi and above can really damage raw skin if its exposed to such pressure and this is the reason that we recommend the safety precautions as mentioned above. All that being said the extra pressure from these gas petrol units will save you time, more than that it will make the job fun whilst you are doing it. There is nothing more satisfying that looking at the before and after photos or a deck rejuvenated or a driveway cleaned or a car sparkling like its brand new and knowing that you did a great job. The simpson brand is synonymous with quality and these 3 units the megashot and powershot series are excellent examples.

Is the Simpson Power Washer Range for Home Users or Commercial Use

Its a great question to ask, whether the simpson range is for commercial use or home use. The answer is not surprising, Simpson pressure washers are predominantly designed for home use and for small contractors but because they are so good, they’re appropriate for any application and commonly recommended for and by professionals. So if you are a home user that has some decent pressure washing requirements and appreciate quality then the Simpson range is for you. If you are a professional contractor and need a decent unit for odd jobs then its also a winner. The 4000 psi powershot will also service the most discerning of contractors and blast its way into the record books as one of the best selling power washers of all time.

Comment review Feedback for the Simpson Megashot

The Honda OHC engine is famous for providing reliable, quality performance over many years. The quality of the components used in the engine is second to none. They say that the motor is effectively maintenance free because it uses brass heads for the axial cam and the powerboost technology means that the pressure supplied for the size of the engine is greater. On board accessory storage is a big plus a well as the spray wand / gun being ergonomic and easy to use. For detergent usage the downstream system means that the right quantity is injected for the flow rate and adjusted easily. Always check with your suppliers, but most units come with a 2 year warranty for the engine and 1 year for the frame and components. Rest assured that Simpson supplies one of the best pressure washing units ever made.

What people are Saying about the Simpson Powershot

Uncompromising quality is one way of describing this beast of a gas pressure washer. Initially designed for professionals but also used by discerning home owners, this unit lasts longer, works harder and provides high pressure more reliably than arguably any other power washer on the market. With features such as low oil alerts, 5 quick connect nozzles, on board storage for components, non-marking hose, and a triplex plunger pump with ceramic coated pistons…

Comment Simpson Review comments at a Glance:

I couldn’t be happier with my powershot, its so easy to get started and manoeuvre around when cleaning a large area.. Previously I had a generac that was a great unit but the simpson out performs the generac for sure…
The pressure is unbelievable, my driveway looked like new within 30 minutes and to pay a contractor to do the job could have cost me thousands of dollars..

The welded steel frame feels like it could survive anything. The weld thickness is excellent and all steel parts are well sealed to protect it from corrosion…

When combined with a protection plan and covered up during storage to protect the unit, my unit that’s 2 years old still operates and looks as new, the hose in particular doesn’t bend or kink and also doesn’t mark my outside tiles which is great as it means less cleaning for me..